Sunday, June 8, 2008

Red eggs

Friday night was Kevin's friend, James pre wedding night, we were all invited to his house. Before we left, his mum gave us 2 tinted eggs. It's common for Chinese to eat red eggs during festivals or celebrations. I forgot and I left the eggs in my car.

Yesterday noon I went out with Eling and I saw the eggs were still lying on the seat, I gave it to her, asked her to eat it later. At night, Kevin and I went to James wedding dinner in Hilton Hotel (I haven't organize the photos yet). I drank 5 glasses of red wine continuously, it was all because of Kevin, he wanted to make me drunk. Anyway, I wasn't drunk, not at all! :P Ermmm....sorry sorry, now I shall get back to the red eggs' story.

This noon before I got out, I saw the red eggs were still on the dining table. What la? Nobody wants to eat it?

"Okay, I eat I eat." I talked to myself and I hoped the eggs weren't spoilt.

I removed the smelt OK...should be fine...


OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!
2 egg yolks in an egg;
An egg with 2 egg yolks

Extremely yucky!
But I thought it was rare, so I took out my camera for a few shots.

I didn't have appetite to eat anything after I saw the weird egg. But there was still another red egg lying on the table, not good to dump it right? Again, I removed the shell....

Another egg with 2 yolks
(-_-")... ......


I dislike boiled egg, and now I swear I will never eat boiled eggs anymore! NO NO NO!!!!!!!!! I felt extremely weird and wanted to vomit.

Happy family...hahaa...

Tonight, I showed everybody these eggs.
Except my sisters and I, my parents and my brother weren't surprise, they said

"'s quite common"

"I ate before, mum said I will be smarter after eating this kind of eggs" My bro told me

(-_-")... ......