Friday, June 13, 2008

Goodbye Dim Sum

Actually I don't really like Dim Sum, it's too oily and fattening. And the taste is merely so-so to me. By the way, I'm on diet, not going for any Dim Sum for the next few months. Hahaha

These are some photos I took some time ago, I browsed through my photo album and I saw many photos that I didn't upload previously. This is the problem for taking camera everywhere I go. Too many photos, too little time :P

Ermmm...but...but recently, I don't have time for photos anymore. Since I started to work, everything has changed. It's quite relaxing in the office, because I can do whatever thing I want to, but the internet connection there is too slow, I need lots of time to view and upload photos. Sigh


Just woke up, you can read from my face right?
I can't look better than this, Muahahahaha :P

The guy next table

We were in this Nini Lai Restaurant in Puchong

Hmmm...the foods were...SO so-so

Although it looked great


At night, we went to Langat Hill, this was the one and only photo we took there, because the battery died right after this shot :@

Bye bye! ^^