Monday, June 9, 2008

James and Elaine's wedding

Congratulations to James and Elaine ^^

Last Saturday night was their wedding dinner in Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya. The theme for the wedding was "The Summer Garden", dress code: ivory, green or pink. I felt so excited, thought all of the guests were in these 3 colours.

See, my dress...

Ivory? Yes
Pink? Yes
Green? Yes

In fact I looked like a pregnant lady that day, the dress made me look fatter than ever. Well it's long as the colors matched the theme right? But in the end of the day I found out I was the only fool...most of the people weren't in these 3 colours. LOL! Kidding, I should be proud of myself. I should have worn my sexy bloooooooooood color dress. HAHAHAHAHA :P

In Hilton Hotel, Krystal Ball room

I didn't take photos around the hall, I felt so "Ahem" with my pregnant-look. Actually the hall was decorated with a lot of plants and flowers. According to James, Elaine loves flowers very much :)

James and Elaine ^^

Happiest folks of the night, hahaha!
James's parents

Elaine and I! ^^

Hard to believe...we were like this
Last year, March. Jeremy's house warming

This little thing is made of candy

Who changed my surname?!
I'm Voon not Koon (-_-")... ......

The dinner started at 830pm :)

"Prince Charming, where are you?"

"I'm right behind snow white"

"Promise me that you will never leave me alone.."

" are the girl of my dream, I can't afford to lose you.."


Honey and I


First dish

I'm sorry!! I forgot to take photos of the foods!

Jeremy and his wife, Samantha. She is a friendly lady :)

I'm so FAT!!!!!

James's parents giving speech

Superstars of the night

Beautiful wedding cake :)

Various photos

Red red wine...
After 5 glasses of red wine (hey, in 45 minutes!), I was a bit blurrrrr

In fact, the plants were for guests, each person could take one home :)

Elaine is a very nice lady, James is lucky to have her as his wife.
Anyway, happiness is always a choice ;)