Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last day in HK!

Okay, I know my previous trip post was way to long winded, unlike the others...but come on, I often forgot what I wanna post and ended up talking about something else O_o"

I only have 29 photos for today, realized didn't snap too many photos on the last day ;)
Had breakfast (cup noodles) in hotel room...yes, that's my foot :P


We had a mission in HK..hmm, can't tell you :P
I can only tell you...we need to post "some" letters

Some monies we prepared for stamps

Leaving our room

It was Typhoon signal no.3 that morning (hard to believe, don't trust my photos). Post office opened after 11am. We were about to give up then...we saw this stamps vending machine in front of post office! :D

So nice! We don't have to wait in line for stamps.. we should have this kind of vending machine in M'sia too! :D

Still as windy

Mission accomplished!

After that, went to a Chinese Restaurant for lunch, with Kevin's uncle. He just came back from BKK the day before

Some foods his uncle ordered.
Seriously, I never like these kind of foods, too oily -_-"

Chee Qeong Fan, quite nice

and some Lo Bak Gou

A pic before we left

After lunch, went to this digital mall..and

this was where Kevin bought me my kitty phone!
*Sayang sayang muackssssssss!*

Honeymoon Dessert in Seibu

It looked more like a library

Businessman on the phone

Kevin's Coffee (I suppose?) with black sesame dressing


Last day of sales?
ζœ€εŽ_ζ—₯? Where's the δΈ€? No wonder it's always "The Last Day"
Well, it was really our last day in HK, so that's all, hope you enjoyed all the post made :)



Dr V said...

WOW! With all those letters, why don't you just open your own post office? haha And if those are wedding invitations, I still haven't received mine. I hope it's just delayed in the mail. haha

I hope Kevin wasn't making his business transaction using your Hello Kitty phone. haha

violetmay said...

Do you want to invest some money in MY Post office then? :P