Thursday, June 17, 2010

Should I Should I?

Should I should I? Should I get a pair of coloured lenses?

..I need colored lenses (?)

It's no big deal, but down there...ahem I mean my heart, never want to try coloured lenses. Remember my friend Kirsten from Germany? She once told me she felt it's kinda odd seeing youngsters in Asia wearing coloured lenses, their natural iris is much better than "artificial" stuff. She admires black hair, once dyed it black but people around her think she's good in blonde. We often dissatisfied with what we've got, always wanted a change, but if you were given a chance, do you really need/want a change?



CathJ said...

well.. we do wanted to go for a change sometimes.. but not permanent 1.. ^_^

while you still young why not try something you like to do.. colour the hair or have a colour lens.. don't wait until we really old.. its too late already.. ;-p

its part of a life experience... ^_^

violetmay said...

Maybe not colored lenses, but I'm seriously considering to dye my hair :D