Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So, my sister Eling is in Canada right now, she's going there with her lady boy boss... LOL!

Just video call her via MSN :)
She said night time is much shorter than day time, sunrise at 5am, sunset at...10pm?! Serious?! No wonder she woke up so early.. by the way, she said she couldn't sleep because too hungry, HAHAHA! Mum went to kitchen quickly and showed her the cup noodles which she bought recently, said "Wanna eat this?" HAHAHA my mum is superb :P

I believe her lady boss will take care of my little sister, I shall see her again soon :)

There are 2 (simply annoying) things bothering me right now, but I felt much better after seeing/chatting with Eling. I never realized how much I adore her until she got married, strange thing.. now Joan is getting married in 3 months time, soon I'll be sleeping alone.. don't feel like writing more, 'm off to bed



CathJ said...

I stayed Canada before... ya the sunrise early and dawn around 9pm.. hahahaha... but sometimes it will changed...

oh jeez... all your sister getting married??? ah-hemmm.... ok I am not gonna ask that questions... ;-p

Dr V said...

The days are long in the Summer. In about 4 days, the days will start getting shorter. Then you will have really short days just before the Spring arrives.

Even though the sun rises early, I still wake-up every morning before it gets light. Classic pre-historic man, right? haha

Almost 2 weeks ago, I took some sunrise photos from the beach...very nice!

If your sister is anywhere near Toronto, I hope she has a chance to visit Niagra Falls. Definitely worth a visit!

violetmay said...

I know what question you wanted to ask :P
It must be a great experience living there I guess? :D

Dr V
Photos you took very nice! :))
She's in Vancouver, not going to Toronto, but I believe they will go somewhere else ;)))