Saturday, June 19, 2010


Waffle World in One U :D

We seldom go to One U (when I say seldom, it means once or twice in a year), I especially HATE the "traffic condition" at the parking lot, I don't have that 1 hour to search for a parking lot, and another 10 minutes waiting at the Autopay machine. To Christine, she doesn't like watching movies at the cinema or you know, window shopping. To be precise, we HATE window shopping... If you thought we save a lot of time or money every time we go out...nah... we don't window shop, we SHOP -_-"

Both of us bought 2 pairs of shoes that day, we shopped until the sales assistant "ask us" politely whether we want to come back tomorrow or like...make payment RIGHT NOW. Except her attitude was good, still smiling although all other shops were already closed. I swear I could hear her colleagues "cursing" behind -_-"

Opps out of topic!
Okay let's go back to Waffles :D
HAHAHA, I swapped her black iris to green sparkling one :P


OMG...what's this again? It's frigging good :D
Love the cheesy gravy... it goes well with rice and chicken steak

and my...boring smoked salmon pasta

It was good but not too special

and we ordered waffle with vanilla ice cream + walnuts :D

It was goooooooooood! :D
I thought of Paddington House of Pancakes

Cherrrioooooooo, so tiny and cute :D

After this capture

"You can have the cherry" I said

"No no, it's for you"

"Nooo it's okay, you can have it" I insisted

"Nooooooooooooo I'm fine, it's for you!!" she too insisted

"....but I don't like cherry..."

"............I...never like cherry too.."

LOL!!! I thought she likes cherry; She thought I like cherry... but actually both of us HATE cherries :P
Don't judge us! Although we're best friends, but I don't remember we discussed about cherry. Ahhhh, come to think of it, we never "discussed" because we never like it, so why wanna talk about things we don't like? Or do you think that we should gossip? :P
I only like Cheri Cheri Lady :D

Foods were too good and at the end of the day.. both of us turned into vampires -_-"

Right now she's in Bali with her boyfriend, I wanna go to her house!! (I miss miss miss Bali, planning to go to Bali/Bangkok next year)
It's time for another round of Karaoke :P



CathJ said...

really ah?? they cursing at the back??? eee... I hate sales assistant like that...

the ice cream.... yummm droolingggg...

violetmay said...

Haha, not cursing la, sort of like "complaining" :P
But the girl who served us was polite :))