Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An ordinary weekend ^^

Testing out my new camera using different modes :D

I actually stopped my car after driving for a few minutes, just to test the new thing. LOL! I hope no one saw it :P

Ammm a bit blur

Didn't "dressed up" for a while...(a while?!) Ahem several months... (several months?!) AHemeemmemmmmmmm ;P
Was in good mood, decided to wear something other than jeans skirt and baby T

Sweetheart Kevin and I in Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Love their mashed potatoes, but "extra" hate the tasteless biscuits

Cajun fries...YUM!
Big thumbs up!

Some pics Kevin took (of me of course) :P

My man

Went to Ikea, we need some furnitures to our new place
FYI, that's my mum's belt ;)

Okay bye, more pics tomorrow :D



Dr V said...

IKEA is everywhere! Didn't know you guys had IKEA over there too. Now that I can speak Swedish, the instructions finally mean something. BUT, I'm a man, so you know I wouldn't be caught dead looking at instructions to do something simple like assembling a house. hahaha :p

Of course Kevin isn't complaining if you dress-up or not. As long as the baby T isn't gradually moving closer to your neck and shoulders, then I think it's fine. And what guy doesn't appreciate the all-natural beauty look? ^_*