Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Kevin and I didn't do anything special on 101010, he thought he should make it up this time... okay we didn't do anything "special", just dined out after work :) There's this newly opened Dream Shabu-shabu few minutes from our workplace, thought to give it a try although I'm already so sick of steamboat/shabu shabu. The name attracted me :P

Hey I just realised names of restaurants is pretty important!

OMG it's "Sushi King's" style (revolving conveyor belt running throughout the entire restaurant)

OMG it's Jogoya's style!
You have this little things, put in the bowl (bowls with name tags) of whatever you wanna order and they will bring it over to you in a short while

This is me...

...being too greedy grabbed almost everything on the belt and couldn't finished it

Yum yumm...
Kevin, busy munching

what's wrong with the duck face oily soup?

not another duck face...

Believe it or not, I just realised I had too many "ducks" that night -_-"
P/s: Hate duck face, don't hate me :P

I wanted to have more ice cream but I was too shy to ask for more :(

Overall the service was good, all of the staff are friendly and helpful but nah... I'm still sick of shabu shabu :P