Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day :)

Happy Violetine's Day, he said...well anything as long as not "Violentine" -_-"

I seriously have problem with the overpriced flowers and Valentine's Day menu, we settled in Chili's instead :D
My Valentine
Talk about Valentine, I remember Ket's sister's named Valentine too, haha

I'm wearing the Batik dress we got in Yogyakarta :)

Foods we ordered

My grilled salmon

Kevin's fajitas

Us two

and we had...
Molted Chocolate cake

Loving it, we're definitely going back for it

It's actually our 6th Valentine's Day together...

Little ring he got me
Not engagement please, please click here for his not-romantic-proposal, LOL :P

Happy Violetine's Day to all of you!