Monday, February 28, 2011

Paper Dome 纸教堂

Paper Dome!

Should have went there at night or evening instead...hmmm, better lighting and all. Ooh well we didn't think much so we were kind of disappointed.
Noon time is nothing like the picture...
BUT, it's still a lovely place :)
P/S: Entrance fee is TWD100

Vern steal the lime light, hmmmpf!

Me and the cute froggy mail box ^^

Lake in front of paper dome

All of us :D

Random captures

This is the paper dome :)

Group photo

The exterior


The interior
actually I thought this dome is solely made of paper...but we still see woods, steel, aluminium
lol :P

A picture with a pair of giant rings

Cafe by the lake

Redeemed some refreshments using the entrance tickets

Bye paper dome!