Monday, February 21, 2011

Nighttime in Sun Moon Lake

People say Sun Moon Lake is a beautiful and romantic place, to be true I didn't find it romantic at all until nighttime..

Lisa, Agnes and Vern decided to follow our driver Momo to watch show, I just tagged along with Alex and Christine as we were exhausted after rushing here and there whole day. Initially I didn't find I should stay with them, ahem ahemm...but Alex and my dearie Christine insisted that I wouldn't "disturb" them so...hehee :P
FYI, It was Christine's birthday!
I gave her the scarf I knitted...ah, I knitted one for myself too! It's like the "couples" things haha
See, we looked so good in it, lol

It was rather cold and windy at night, I think it's the most suitable gift for her :)

Our hotel prepares plenty of bicycles for guests, it's free of charge :)

Did I tell you Christine doesn't ride?

Miss V can ride! :P

Found this bicycle for kiddo..

I know I'm bad, making fun of my buddy :P

Random captures

The Richforest Resort in Sun Moon Lake
I wonder how they charge for a night

The lovebirds

Lovebirds 2

Bought some scarfs from her.. :)
She's super friendly!

Owl workshop

I love owls! Always wanted to have one...
p/s: it has nothing to do with Harry Potter ok?

Big OW and small OWL :P

Was so hungry, dropped by 7-11 for supper
p/s: I got that can of coke for Michell, she's collecting..

The 1st time we tried Taiwan instant beef noodles

Put everything in, pour hot water in it and wait for another 5 minutes to eat!

Couldn't wait couldn't wait..

5 minutes later..
Looked so...erm...
well, anyway it was the nicest beef noodles in the world!
Yummier than the one we had in restaurants

I'm glad I stayed with them that night, otherwise I wouldn't get to enjoy Sun Moon Lake this much (I mean nighttime)
Night everyone!



Unknown said...

the nicest beef noodles in the world!同意!!

violetmay said...

LOL! I can see you enjoyed their beef noodles too :P