Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Hello Kitty ^.^ v

My Hello Kitty Vivi :D

Oops....it's not a hello kitty..

It's Blossom!
One of the Powerpuff girls!

Long story...
I bought this during a trip with my parents and grandfather to Hatyai many years ago, I think I was...er, 18 or 19 years old.
I remember it wasn't cheap, it's genuine and I got it from one of the mall.

"Why are you buying this?!" Mum asked

"Ooh...because I want to get something for myself, I haven't buy a thing yet" Errr actually I'm not a fan of Powerpuff girls

"But you don't have a car"

"I might have a car next time" In fact I didn't think of getting a car at all (I didn't think I will get a car when I "grow up" HAHA). I just wanted to get something for myself, because I changed some money I thought I just HAVE to spend it wisely like...getting a genuine Powerpuff girls tissue box cover LOL.

If you asked why I chose it...tell you frankly, I have no idea. I just thought it was so cute and I didn't want to buy Mickey Mouse (which I adored!!!) because MM is for kids... O_o"

"You can put it in (my) car" mum suggested

"No, I will put it in my car"

"... ......you don't have a car yet, maybe you can get something else?"

"...no mum, I want it" I was so stubborn neh!

Some time later, when I was 20 or so...Ket's boyfriend (now her husband) bought a car, so I went to buy car accessories with Ket. I saw a Popeye's toilet roll cover....it was soooo soooo cute! and so I bought it -_-"

"You wanna put in your mum's car?" Ket asked



"I wanna keep it..."

"Do you intend to buy a car?"

"No, I don't think I want a car" I seriously didn't consider about getting my own car at all. I didn't even have the intention to get a driving license

"If so, why are you buying this?"

"........................." speechless, I just thought it's so cute (No pictures, I forgot where I put it)

Why can't people buy car accessories and keep at home?
Why can't people buy cosmetic and keep in store?
Why can't people buy so many clothes and display at home?
Why can't people buy T back as collection?

Ahem, I have a confession to make
I have more than 50 pieces of G-string and T back which I will never wear
.... what the fcuk?!
I think I really waste a lot of money over these years fml
Don't learn from me, thank you :-S

Still as lovely after 8 years ^^
Anyway, when I got Kevin's mum's car, I didn't want to use it, I think it's better at my wardrobe. Until the day I got my car...myVivi :)
Now I need my Popeye!

About 1-2 months ago, I went to Kedah's court with Kevin...it was just an hour from Thai border, we thought we should have a look-see in duty free shop
Well if we didn't go there, I would have saved a few hundreds ringgit -_-"



Opps forgot the tissue box cover Lisa got for me :P
Spot it yourself

Sorry I looked like this...I was exhausted and sleepy.
I drove 160km/hr all the way from Thai border to KL (O_o")
My personal record

I thought it's a cushion

but it's a blanket :D

cushion covers

Who said Kitty doesn't have mouth?


and this!
Chichi Chan :D

Kevin insisted to get this, lol!!!!!
Look at his willy

my Hello Kitty padlock I got from Taiwan

From Pavilion


I didn't put all in my car, I still keep some of it... :)
Hello Kitty...yay! :D



Unknown said...

You went Kitty Krazy. :)

violetmay said...

Hmmm...yeah, kind of :'P