Sunday, June 15, 2008

Absolute Thai

My new pair...nice?
Hahaha, okay this is nothing to do with this blog :P

Last night, I bought a coat and pants for Kevin by using my 1st month's salary. Well he is my boss, he knows how much I "cost" for a month. That's...strange :P

After that, we decided to go for Thai food located in Ikano, Absolute Thai Restaurant.

I suggest you to go for a hair cut, maybe I can be your hairstylist this time, hehee!
I guarantee you will need to dig a hole and hide for a month after this :P

I was about to order some nice Thai meals for myself and Kevin, but
No no no...I'm on diet! Glad I recalled this before I made my order.
So, Thai style stir fried flat noodles for Kevin, Mango Salad with crispy catfish as side dish, and Iced Cendol.

I love Thai foods, but somehow I didn't have appetite last night. If I don't have appetite everyday, I guess I can lose more than 7 kgs in 6 weeks, LOL!

Today is Father's Day, so...
I'm going out to shop for my dad's present ^^