Saturday, December 18, 2010

Taichung, foods, here and there

77 photos

This was where we stayed at Taichung, the address...
P/S: Remember the kitty room? I'm going to stay there again if I go to Taichung again, but errr...bring a muscular man next time, or whoever can carry your luggage to whatever floor cos there's no lift in this guest house. The only bad thing ;)

Us, after morning shower (HAHAHA)

The lovebirds

Random captures,
around the place we stayed

We visited bank
Yes, this is one of their banks...huge doors huh? Like hotels

Had our breakfast in a local kopitiam

Open kitchen concept

This man...insisted we must take his photo frying "Yao Ja Guai" :P

Soya bean milk and blended wheat(?)

Foods we ordered


Famous Yao Ja Guai

Agnes looked so cute there, she just woke up not long ago :P


Lukang Christian Hospital

Bomba di Lukang, hahaha

With my favourite girl

Can see his eyes? His eyes closed in most of the photos taken :P

Had our lunch in this kopitiam
It's quite famous in Lukang

1st dish

Yer...I dare you to eat this :P

Christine accepted the challenge

and me :P
hahaha, actually it's some sort of clams, I don't know the name

Noodles cooked with errr...not nice

Fish belly, or what you call it?

"Oo jien"
Fried oyster

I think Malaysian's style is much yummier

More pictures after lunch

3 piggies


from different camera

More street foods

"Tang Hu Lu"

This is good!
We bought 2 packets each

A lady selling some sort of tea, she asked us to drink more.
Didn't ask us to buy, she only said
"Drink more if you like, you can walk around and come back when you're thirsty"
But I know she hoped we would buy some the 2nd time we pass by :P

The famous yam cake stall
People lining up to buy yam cakes

they have other cakes too

Man making yam cake

This is the famous yam cake....
it looked like worm cakes, I felt so sick just looking at it, don't mention buying and tasting it...
Okay, we did buy one, it tasted like yam cake (lol), not too delicious, I wonder why it is so famous?

Had something to drink

The famous eye balls juice..
HAHAHA you know I'm kidding :P

Small shrimps

After so many not-too-yum foods, finally we found something we like best

Fried soft crabs and shrimps!

Giant squid (I fancy small one)

We were thrilled!
We haven't tried it, yet
But we already knew the fried fried things must be yummier compared to the others :P

Not disappointing ;D

螺 I think it's called spiral shell(?)

It's good..the only thing was, it's not cooked.
The ladyboss of the kopitiam asked us not to eat too much of these

Agnes, looking cool there ;)
Look who's behind her? :P