Friday, December 3, 2010

A day out in Pavilion

About 2 weeks before I went to Taiwan, when my hair was still black :P
X'mas is coming!

With Kevin

Had lunch in Food Republic

Guess what, I met one of my college-mates Anna at the food court! :D
Still as young and lovely..

and as...funny as er, me? :P

After that, went to MOF for desserts

My favourite Macha Kurian

I miss it already :'(

With Kevin :)



Dr V said...

Desserts are king!!!! It's impossible to look fat like Santa Claus for the holidays if you don't eat liters and liters of ice cream and cake everyday. I didn't wear a Halloween costume this year, so I'm aiming for the Santa costume. haha

Always flawless V V! Love the hair, and the beautiful smiles with Kevin.