Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mo-Lu Lane 摸乳巷

Random photos taken in Lukang Old street. Most of the photos taken by Vern, I was busy buying geta with Christine :P
Lisa posing in front of Lukang map

Agnes :)

More'll see Mo-Lu Lane 摸乳巷 pictures later :P

Love this pic :D

Why I wasn't in this photo :'(
Why I bought geta?

Vern baking chocolate mud cakes :P

Why I didn't get to pose with this well?
Why I bought geta? :'(

It's half side well some more!
P/S: I didn't regret la, just a bit bit upset for being lazy to walk around after we paid :P

Alex posing with Taiwanese sausage

Finally, Mo-Lu Lane!
摸乳巷 (Breast Touching Lane), it's a narrow alley in between 2 rows of houses (if I'm not mistaken about the history of the alley). It's actually an emergency exit in case of fire... er if I remember it right...or something like that -_-" this is it
The alley is really arrow, it's called breast touching lane because when 2 people walk from opposite direction....hehehe :'P
use your imagination

Boobies attack! :P

These girls are really know, I look totally like a giant standing next to them, which you don't see in pictures because I always hide behind them :P



Attack 1

LOL don't eat meeeee!

Er...this is...balls attack :P
I wonder why didn't they call it ball attacking alley?