Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2008

Photos say it all, Christmas 2008 in Mid Valley.

Spent some time clearing old photos albums just now, saw this batch of piccies... Suddenly recalled these were all taken 2 years ago, intended to post it but oh well, I totally forgot about it :S
In case you're worry about me, I mean hey it's Christmas! and I'm blogging at home?? Who are you kidding hahaha :P
It's 5:30pm, 24th of December, I'm sitting at my office while waiting for Kevin to finish up his assignment, it's post dated cheque entry! :P
As for my Christmas present, you can send me post dated cheque as well.... not funny ya? :P
Anyway we're going off soon, hope you'll like these piccies :)
Mid Valley megamall has different themes every year, wanna guess what theme it was back then in 2008?


My curly hair..
Ooh I so not miss it :P

My sun-dress, only worn once
I wonder where it is now, must be somewhere at home

Unicorn without horn

Kevin, he didn't change at all, not even his glasses
But soon, I mean really soon he'll have a new pair of glasses ;P

with Unicorn without horn
I think it's funny..

Us two

Jingle bells
Fine! It's not jingle bells :P

Off to The Gardens after that, it's just next door by the way ;)

Love it :D

Met (Mr. Bean's) Bean Bear! :P

All I want in Christmas is you Bear
Err...actually I don't fancy bears, I prefer kitties :D

chilling out with Bean Bear

Okay bye!
I'm off to dinner! :D



Mike said...

I hope your Christmas was wonderful and filled with joy, friends, love and contentment.

May your 2011 be even better!

violetmay said...

You too Mike! :D