Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pasta Zanmai with friends

Yummy yummmmmmy!

This entry has too many photos of me good foods, I hope you're not too hungry when you read this, or at least you took your breakfast or lunch earlier, or err...heavy dinner. Because I'm starting to plan for my lunch in Pasta Zanmai after seeing all these pictures. Ooh I'm drooling already, where's my handkerchief?? :P

Macy planned for the gathering! :D
I didn't meet her after Sharon's baby's full-moon dinner

Can I order all?!

Sweets :)))))))))))

I miss Pasta Zanmai :'(((((((((

Macy and Citrey!
She's still as skinny, couldn't believe she's expecting a baby already... ;)))

Sharon and Jeffrey, I miss Sharon's baby girl!

Left to right
Chai Voon (my elementary schoolmate), Pao Wah and Soon Peng (I know them from Macy and Christine, they're from the same college)

Soon Peng and Christine :D

...and me! Fav pic of the day (HAHAHA no la, I love all the photos I took) :P

BC, her baby boy, Cash (his name!) and his gf

my huge glass of orange juice


Macy with her fruit tea



Soon Peng's favourite... I hated him (lol), he almost finished all.
Edamame is my fav too! Hmmpf
Next time I will hide the whole bowl :P

Beggar Peng, begging for more edamame LOL!

OMG OMG I Miss that soup :D

Extra large fried rice with fried chicken

Japanese style "popiah" haha

Tempura with rice

And this!

Fav dish of the night
We should hang up more often, I think...more good foods, more laughters and more babies! :D