Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day out with friends

Met Chee Mei, I love her new haircut! :D

Vivien! :D
and her....awwww what was that?!? :P
Haha, too much of mustard

We had subway sandwiches


Left to right
Vivien, Chee Mei and I

Did some shopping, and had tea in Oldtown
Pictures of us, again -_-"

Chee Mei, photo-bombed me :P


The proposal, lol


funniest photo of the year

I think Chee Mei won the actress of the year :P

Met Kev after that
He got me new mascara (the one with extra fiber)
and my new lips-gloss

We went to Neway karaoke


Kevin was moody that day..

Things are fine already..if you're still wondering :)
err until further notice lol!! :P



Mike said...

I like the mascara. Not that you need it. Your eyes are beautiful, whether or not you believe me. After all, I think your nose is wonderful, too!

violetmay said...

So Mike, you just reminded me my button nose.. ;P