Sunday, May 30, 2010

What to do at night during Typhoon signal no. 8?

We were told not to go anywhere at night, bought movie's midnight show. It should be a good experience watching horror movie at night, during typhoon signal no.8 ;)
It's a mini cinema, most of the seats were not occupied, merely 1/10 full. We were few minutes late, by the time we got there the show has already started, I didn't get to see faces of other audiences, it was too dark in there. No one sat next to us, the air-cond was strong...I felt someone's watching me :(
I checked around, wanted to see who's "watching" me but found no one... It was so creepy. I regret for choosing horror movie. I couldn't concentrate at all, just wanted to leave the hall. We decided to leave after a while.

Took some photos in the hotel lobby

News at night

Tsim Shai Shui

Check the crazy guys behind the handsome news-reporter

Kevin, working

Sigh, so bored!
It was our final night in HK, should have gone to some pubs instead! :(
Anyway, it was a good experience, because there's no typhoon is Malaysia, hehee ;)



Dr V said...

Not complaining here, but since Kevin is working his fingers to the bone on the computer, shouldn't SOMEONE be cooking for him? Hmmmm...I wonder who is right there with him in HK to do that? hahaha

Tough luck with the typhoon. I've learned from your experiences to be alert for traveling to HK during the typhoon season.