Monday, September 20, 2010

Chee Yin & Min Hooi's wedding luncheon

Attended Chee Yin's wedding luncheon in Hee Lai Ton Restaurant. Chee Yin is Kevin's master class's classmate. I met her several times, she has very nice personality, friendly, sweet and helpful :D

Irrelevant piccie of me :P

In the restaurant :)

They have this lovely little album :)

My fav pic of them

The whole world loves cupcakes :)

I want a giant poster for my future wedding dinner! :D

Very "ang" and "ong" table setting ;)

Hello...I don't read Chinese

Of me

Darling and I

With the bride and groom :D

Random captures of foods

Yam Seng
table by table

I like her purple dress :)

Group photo!

The only shot, too bright -_-"
Congratulations to Chee Yin and Min Hooi!
p/s: I usually call her Miss Chong, hehee ;)

After the wedding luncheon, went to Wendy's, Sunway Pyramid

and had the BEST cheesie potatoes

Total madness..
Can't I have it everyday? Can I? :D



Dr V said...

Hey V V, didn't anyone ever tell you that you don't need to use a flash to photograph the bride and groom? They're so happy, they'll make the photo too bright if you use the flash. Hmmm...just like your photo, right? haha

Congratulations Chee Yin and Min Hooi! Best wishes for many many wonderful years ahead.

violetmay said...

Thank you Dr V, now I know I don't need flash to photograph brides and grooms :P