Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tawau - Final

Final part of Sabah trip

Left Lahad Datu to Tawau. Random pictures along the way

Err...I don't think these are the correct photos, I remembered we took the smelliest bus to Tawau.. I think Kevin took these when we were heading back from Madai Caves to city center and I fell asleep in the car -_-"

We reached Tawau about 8 plus, it was getting dark and I got really worried. We didn't even have any hotels' contact numbers FML.. Glad Kevin got to know this man in bus, he worked for government previously. He looked like Chinese but he's not ;)

He showed us the most reasonable priced hotels at the city (walking distance from bus terminal), and brought us to mamak for dinner. We thanked him and promised will be his tour guide next time

Checked in...fcuk! I forgot the name of the place
The room was clean, quite OK

A snapshot before we left to meet Kevin's ex employee

Hidayah :)
She was a chambering student in his firm, and worked for them over a year. Her husband's workstation is in Tawau, she shifted to Tawau because of him :)

with her sister-in-law :)

Foods we ordered for dinner

After dinner, her husband joined us in a mamak nearby our hotel
He said I gained weight... :'(((
Yeah it's true but who cares huh?! At least no one's complaining... by the way he gained weights too hahaha :P

The next morning

Heritage Hotel
Initially I wanted to stay there, they have better rooms... but I thought we should save that money, after all we just wanted a place to shower and sleep at night, flight was early in the morning, so what's the point of spending much for that few hours?

Last shot of the place

We paid about RM40-RM45 to go to Tawau airport, which is only 30 minutes from city centre

and we had the yuckiest noodles in the world

piccies I took from plane

Bye Tawau..

2 1/2 hours later..

I missed home

I missed my mum and Sugar baby

The trip was fine, we didn't go to much tourist spots...
Hey didn't you realise you don't see me in this entry? did you? :P
I wanted to thank Kevin for bringing me along to his seminar and for joining my friends Christine and Alex to Lahad Datu, I hope more trips are coming next year :)



Dr V said...

Yes, we noticed that we didn't see you in this entry. Maybe that's because you were busy eating all the food while everyone else was posing for the camera. When I see an empty plate on the table like that, I can only think of one person who did so much damage to the decor of the table. haha

Glad you had fun on your trip with Kevin. It's nice when seminars take place in interesting places. And it seems you met some nice people as well, so that's a bonus.