Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival falls on....Wednesday :S

It's not public holiday today, and not even weekend.
Kevin goes back to school, doing his Master of Management on full scholarship, his classes are almost everyday after work. Good huh? I have more time to do my stuff (positive thinking!)

Some photos I took just now, at home.
It's quite sad because it's Tanglung Festival!
I mean, Lantern festival...or whatever you call it. But I'm at home with parents, brother and a dog furbaby Sugar.
How I wish I could join a lantern party tonight :(

When we were much younger, we always went to my grandparents house to celebrate this special day, but as we "aged" LOL mum thinks we should just do a small celebration at home. My sisters got married one by one early this year and recently, it's really a big turn off (I mean, light up candles and tanglung alone?! Serious?!). So this would be the first year I feel lonely...
I'm impressed mum bought these 2 little tanglung yesterday, should be 6 in a pack but Hue Ru and Kong Chai wanted some. Mum lighted it up, and I did feel happier seeing the tanglung in its full glory (lol)

Thank you mum, for making today special

Mum and Sugarbaby

Somehow Sugar looked unhappy, maybe she wanted some mooncakes :P
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone! :)



Unknown said...

ur tanglung same with my tanglung...great moment with family;)

Dr V said...

Sugar is not the only one who wasn't happy for not getting any mooncake. This year I didn't get any mooncake, and it didn't feel much like a celebration to me. Oh well, I guess I saved myself from gaining about 30kgs this year, so I shouldn't complain. haha

Even though the celebrations at home seem to be changing, at least you're able to comfort your parents at a time when most of the other siblings are away from home. When you're married, please be sure to invite them to your celebration, because you understand how they must feel without your sisters.

violetmay said...

We've already grown up a lot...time flies huh? I really hope to spend more time with my family members.. :)

Dr V
I got you...that's why I'm at home, but I'm thinking we should join my grandparents next year :)