Friday, September 17, 2010

Office Cat


What are you doing at the door?

Saw this cat in front of my office, I couldn't remember the last time I touched stray cats...I love cats, but stray cats are rather aggressive...they don't like being touched. Maybe not when they're hungry :P

I have a thought.. maybe I can keep her? :)
I went in my office, put my bags and returned her...... where is she?
She just vanished into thin air... I thought I imagined it until I checked these shots.. creepy? Not really... just a little bit scared, haha :)



Dr V said...

Well cats live in a world separate and apart from us humans. So maybe this cat just appears when there's good food around. ^_^

Actually, this cat appears to be owned and cared for by someone. Not just because it was comfortable with people, but also because of its appearance. Most likely the cat was just out for a stroll. Certainly the cat's "danger alert system" went off, as it felt like it was going to be cat-napped. haha I shouldn't laugh though, because that's how I got my first cat when I was a kid. My Kitty liked me better than her other owners, and stayed married to me for life. ^_^