Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Diet day - 13

I had some preserved fruits, which I bought from a stall in Carrefour yesterday noon.

It's bad for health, better don't eat it too often ;)
Don't know why people always say these kind of preserved fruits are for pregnant ladies, it's quite nice...it will make you feel weird (if you eat too much, you will lose your appetite), so I guess it works well with my diet plan. LOL! Kidding!

Ah...I recalled something, few days back

"Hmmm..why you dressed like a pregnant lady?"

"Huh?! What?! Me?!"

"Yeah...this dress is for pregnant lady, isn't it?"

"MUM!!!! I swear to god, this is called "fashion", and it's definitely not suitable to pregnant ladies"

"Oopps, hahaha!"

(-_-")... ......

Anyway, these are some photos I took today

Old laydee


I love to crop my photos ;)

Yumm... ^^

Guess what's this?

It's my left ear, somebody cut it down
Hahaha, actually that's papaya :P

At night, I went for Yong Tau Fu with my boss

I couldn't believe I'm on diet -_-"