Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Papa's Day

Trust me, it's all about football -_-"

Again, I realized I didn't update my blog for so long, is it another...week or so? I should measure the size of my butts, I think it grew wider and wider these few weeks, holy cow.. sitting in front of TV isn't a very good idea at all, but STILL, better than going to mamak ordering drinks and, guess should be lots "fatter" that way huh? Kakaaa :P

Just realized it's already end of June O_o"
Half a year
Six months
Another 6 months to 2011


Alright, let's talk about some happy stuff, let's go back to Father's Day! :D
My sister Eling was in Canada, Michell wasn't free, so, we just had casual lunch in Mongkok Cafe in SS2
Papa :D

Mama :D

Joannnnn, she's getting married reallll soon!

Weng :)))))))))

and me (who else?!)

We ordered crepe...

It's Forest (Joan's bf) and Joan's favourite

Lunch was OK, but I didn't enjoy my cheese baked rice, I'm always OK with Kim Gary's cheese baked rice, but Mongkok cheese baked rice...Celaka cilakaaaaaaaa, tasted real bad. Salty salty and salty, way toooooo salty

Although my cheese rice is celaka-laka. But I'm really glad we spent the day together, initially my parents' didn't intend to celebrate Father's Day at all, but we insisted we should go out for lunch :)

Happy Belated Father's Day to all daddys, papas and ayahs :D



CathJ said...

Fun family outing.. ^_^

Dr V said...

Happy belated Father's Day!

I think the restaurant made the food salty on purpose, so they could get a new cook. Now is your time to volunteer V V. hahaha