Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Albert & Aniqca's Big Day

Albert is a friend of Kevin, I've met his girlfriend a few times, she's a young and sweet lady :)

I didn't sleep the whole night, because I reached home at 1:30am the day before. Stayed up late...knitting. Ooh yeah, forgot I actually took a nap at 4:30am. Woke up at 5:30am, went to Kevin's place at 6:30am, met Albert and his friends at 730am. Phewww...I couldn't recall the last time I wake up at this time and not to mention I only slept for an hour

Well, I guess I looked quite OK :P

The wedding car, love the vivid red :D

Albert and Kevin

It's Heng Dai's game-time :D

Erm, something like "I love Aniqca". I don't really remember

"Come on, is that all you've got?" :P

The Jimuis asked Albert to write "I love Aniqca" in Chinese..
It's actually a good idea, because Albert doesn't write Chinese ;P

Just as I thought he doesn't write Chinese...he wrote all the words by himself. Er..with his friend and my help :P

and Heng Dais doing Yoga, funny thing...we have a few females (including me) in Heng Dai's gang, and a few more guys in Jimuis gang. Which is uncommon :P

"funny" juices

Funny guy :P
The wasabi bread-spread was... -_-"

Albert and Aniqca :D

Beautiful bride and groom


Met this girl, named Kitty. Aniqca's brother is going after her ;)

A friend of Albert, one of the Heng Dais
She's gorgeous ;)

Munchy time

I love "Apoh"..wait, was that Apoh?

Going to Albert's mum's place

Reached home, get changed and went to my friend Huoy Shan's house. It's her baby girl full-month's party :D

I love the necklace I bought in Bangkok :D
Looking forward to have another shopping trip!

With Christine, Macy and Huoy Shan :D

Pretty babe and baby


Didn't stay long, rushed to Grand Imperial for Albert's wedding dinner. That's Albert's sister in the picture :)

The perfect match

Shaky hands :'(

Met this lady, Albert's ex-colleague
She's super friendly! :D

Something's wrong with the camera setting :(

Yee Ling and...I forgot his name :P
Yee Ling has the same name as my sister Eling

Suckling pig

Jimmy's favourite ;)

Headed back home after the Yam Seng ceremony, I was totally worn out. Slept with lenses on.. nah, not really :P

Lots of people are getting married (about Kevin and my age), I started to feel..old. But somehow I don't have the "heat" to have wedding ceremony/wedding dinner for my own wedding. Maybe we'll just register our marriage and that's all. Honesty I have no idea what I'm thinking. Well, we'll see then :)