Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cameron Highlands

That was a really big van ;)

I woke up at 5am!
That's a big deal, LOL

Today is Labour Day, Kevin has arranged a 1-day trip to Cameron Highlands for his staff. However, some of the staff didn't make it. The schedule was tight, we were supposed to start moving to Cameron at 7am.

Drivers of the day, Mr Kevin Koo and Hidayah's hubby, Hidayah is a Chambering student in Kevin dad's firm

After 3 1/2 hours, finally...we reached Cameron Highlands! ^^
Cameron Valley, our first station

The lady in purple is Wati, and the little girl next to her is her daughter

Lina and Hakimah, they are chambering students too

I really love this place...there is a Tea House next to the farm, but the tea sold are damned expensive and not really special. Kevin and I tried before, so we decided to skip the tea house for this time ;)

I couldn't believe I actually went to Cameron with this outfit...looks like working day! :(

I like his vest

My man :P

Kevin and lots of kakak, gagaga!

One more ^^

They are so cute, hehee!

Where are the people?
Hmmm..their should change the price, or menu

Second station,
Rose Valley

Map of Rose Valley

The entrance fees

I love the background very much! ^^

All kind of flowers in the valley..


We love this pink flowers ^^

Photos attack!

Very strange combination huh? :D

Look what we've found there?
An man made waterfall :P

Goodie bag, hahaa!

XL hibiscuses

I've never seen this kind of hibiscus before, it has curved petals

More flowers and plants

Kevin in orange tunnel

There are lots of stalls along the street, selling vegetables, fruits, tea leaves and souvenirs.
Kea Farm has better bargains than here, and it's a famous spot for visiting

sweet potatoes

Our next stop, Kea Farm.
All of the ladies were waiting impatiently, couldn't wait to buy cheap stuff in Kea Farm! ^^

The driver Koo was exhausted, so Miss Violet has to accompany him in car

So bored, Kevin was sleeping

15 minutes later...
We shouldn't waste anymore time, fried mushroom, fried fish balls, sweet corns, sweet potatoes, strawberries...are all waiting for us :P

I asked the ladies before I took their photos

"Hello, boleh saya ambil gambar? (can I take your photos)"

"Nak ambil gambar apa ni? (what kind of photos do you wanna take)?" the ladies weren't happy, I guess they didn't like my idea

"Ooh..saya nak ambil gambar orang cantik (I wanna take photos of pretty ladies)"

"Ooh...Hahaha!" Muahahaha, who doesn't like compliments? Now you TELL ME :P

Tea in Gerai Esah Coner

Kea Farm!
In fact there were lots of people and lots of interesting things, but I was too concentrate on my not much photos

Lunch time,
They suggested to dine-in KFC
Actually I wanted to eat steamboat, but most of the steamboat restaurants are non-halal, that was why I didn't suggest it.
The restaurant is in Tanah Rata

KFC, that's where I want to be...gagaga

My hot and spicy chicken and his original flavour

KHM Strawberry Farm

Mama mia!!!
My sundae ^^

In the farm

Their kitten :)
I love cats...I want a cat!


Group photo

The Smokehouse Hotel

Sweet girl :)

情人果 "Lovers' fruit"

On the way down, I slept in car...was too sleepy and tired
A photo right after I woke up

See my kelian :(

Our dinner

My nasi Lambaian special chicken rice

Chicken soup

I'm extremely sleep right now, I should go to Zzzz
Night all..