Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chill out at Port Dickson!

It was 2 months ago, Kevin and I were soooo fed-up with crazy workloads, decided to walk away (for a day only). We thought of Cameron Highlands, Genting, Malacca, Penang Island, Ipoh, Kuantan etc.. ended up, we booked a room in Port Dickson! Because it's considered the nearest, and we wanted to chill up, beach/sea sounds great ;)
Photo I posted yesterday was Day 2, we took some photos, I will put up Day 2 photos tomorrow :)
For Day 1...we went totally crazy, relaxed...we reached there about 3pm(?) Slept for hours...woke up at night. Went to night bazzar instead of shopping malls :P
We booked a room in Avillion Admiral Cove Hotel, nice! :D
The actual room is nicer than photos

The washroom isn't this small ;)

I love our room!

Us two
Wore the duckling shirts I bought in Bangkok ^^


Hi Boss, can I take leave tomorrow? :P

Hmmm...I'll think about it

View from our room

Evening view :)

After dinner in night bazaar, we went back to our hotel and snapped pictures

Our hotel is so so so nice right? :D


There are beds at the lobby, hmmm I wonder why?

Hope you enjoy the pictures! More tomorrow :D



Dr V said...

Wow! Your hotel definitely ranks high on the "Swank Meter." In other words, it's definitely the spot to chill out! ^_^

Hmmm...bed in the lobby? I'll have to think about that one. My first guess is that maybe that's the accommodations for their most troublesome guests who always seem to destroy their rooms. Get on their bad-side, and maybe your room key will also say "lobby." hahaha

Looks like a fun place. But even with all the comforts of the hotel and surroundings, I'm sure Kevin's favorite memory from the trip is his companion. Keep making Kevin smile, and I'm sure you'll keep finding yourself at the top of the companion list. ^_*

Thanks for sharing! ^_^