Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What is wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrong with my lappie?!
Virtual memory is running low, I couldn't view my pictures at one time!! Have to view ONE by ONE, fcuking slow... I have no idea WHY, because the last time I downloaded stuff was yearssss (okay not years but dayssss/monthsssss) ago and I should have lots of spacesssssss. Something is WRONG, I'm thinking to reformat my laptop, SICK to stomach, URGHHH!!!
Gotta do something tomorrow! Hmmppffff! Sorry no nice pictures today :(



CathJ said...

sometimes got virus can course like that... I dunno lah.. some1 tell me.. ^_^

just check and scan.. ^_^

violetmay said...

Yeah...maybe has got virus :'(((

Dr V said...

Too bad about your "Lappie!" There are a few possible causes for getting that "virtual memory running low" message. My feeling is that perhaps you had several applications open which use lots of memory, and your physical and virtual memory weren't enough to accommodate the demand. If one of those programs was MS Office, then that's a possible cause, because those programs demand a lot of system resources.

I'm sure by now you rebooted your computer, and found that your Lappie is fine. But if that virtual memory error message is still there, then document what applications are open at that time.

Another suggestion is that you look at all the programs that are loading at start-up. Go to the Task Manager, and look at "Processes" to see what is hogging your memory. Look for programs you don't need to be running, and "end" those processes. Those programs start just fine when you actually call on them to run.

You should look at "rebuilding" your desktop to fix the problem as a last option.

If that doesn't help, then just indicate what you've found so far. Good luck!

violetmay said...

I tried all that, still zero improvement, visual memory still low although I didn't open anything. I guess I just have to reformat the whole stuff, but I need some time to back up my files :'(