Thursday, April 1, 2010


Do you have this love-hate relationship with anyone? or anything?
Or hated someone/something to the max, woke up the next day and suddenly fallen in love with it?
Like, you hated me for some reasons and suddenly felt I'm sweet/cute/kind/generous/caring/detailed and decided it's easier to love than to hate me?

Hahaha :P

Some of the people (who knows me well) knew I HATED dragon fruit (aka Pitaya), I hated everything about it, it looked 'funny', it smelt weird, tasted like "pipe water", I especially hated the red flesh (white flesh was OK, still gross!). I tried it once, or maybe twice...almost puked on the spot, I seriously hated the extent I'd vent about it every time I saw it. If someone dared to tell me I would die for it one day I would have given them a big gigantic slap on their head

Until...I didn't know why I decided to try it 'again' after previous sick-to-stomach experience...

It tasted like HONEY! Honey Honey Honey
It was so sweet, juicy and to my surprise it was too delicious!!! I instantly fell for it, and told mum I'm going to swallow the whole big chunk of fruit, and asked if there's more in the kitchen

Love it love it love itttttttttttt

So, if anyone intends to eat MY dragon fruit...
"Off with your hand!!"

P/S: (1) Photos taken after I tried dragon fruit, didn't bother to take photo of it before that, lol!
(2) Please ignore my "rug"
(3) Not "April Fool"!! :P



Dr V said...

I've never had the pleasure of being able to love something that I once hated. When I hate something, I pack it up, put it on a rocket, and blast it into space. No turning-back for me! hahaha

My love-hate relationship examples are cheese cake and also fruit cake. For me, if a cake wasn't 90% sweet frosting, then I didn't want anything to do with it. So I hated cheese cake having a sour taste, and fruit cake having a dry texture. The strangest thing happened when I tasted both after my university years. I discovered my taste changed dramatically. Now cheese cake and fruit cake are my favorite cakes, and I hate the sweet ones. ^_^

That fruit does looks delicious! I think I'll give it a try. Maybe I'll swallow it whole just like V V. haha

CathJ said...

same here.. I hate it last time.. now... uhhh love.. :)

violetmay said...

Dr V
Please try Durians, and tell me you will love it one day, it's my favourite! :D

Woohoo I'm not alone!! :D