Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eling and Andy's wedding luncheon, Segamat

Final post of my beloved sister's wedding :)
Lucky you...got to see all scenes without having to attend the wedding, hehe
Lucky you...no need to see more "boring photos"
Lucky you...only 35 shots, LOL :P
Anyway, photos!

That's me, wearing pink colour dress. I used to wear it to office (alright maybe 1 or 2 times not everyday), it's hard to believe I wore it to attend my sister's wedding luncheon...I couldn't find other "red" or "pink" stuff to wear :(

Registration counter, this time, Andy's sisters are on duty! :D

Beautiful bride :)

Andy's niece, named Kelly ;)

Andy's dad

Dad and Kong Chai

with my parents

with Andy's parents

Ji muis

Mum :))

I didn't take much photos that day
Kevin and I

with my Popo and Momo

Bride and groom, entering the hall

Yam Seng with firework, haha

I should have take a photo with Andy and Eling too :'(

Thanking guests


Eling still comes back to stay overnight from time to time, she came back last Saturday, we watched tv series together, and at night we slept together, it's like...she's never moved out. Hmmm the feeling is kind of strange huh? I guess it's because we still live in each other heart, that's why it's always "the same" although we're no longer staying under one roof. I think, this is called family.. :)



CathJ said...

Congrats to your sister and family!!! She is beautifulll....

I am sure lots people asking when is your turn huh?? ;-p

Like me.. 3 of my sister married 1st before me... -_- (I am eldest.. ;-p)

Dr V said...

Let's just call the Voon Family what it is...A Beautiful Bride Farm! Congrats Eling and Andy on your new journey together. Even though Eling and Andy are forming their own family now, it's still important to continue to renew ties with their birth families as well. So I'm glad Eling can still spend time with you. ^_^

And that cake! If they ate 1 layer of that cake for every anniversary year, they'll still need to be married for 80 years just to finish it. ^_*

P.S.: Your dress looked great V V! Of course clothes are just rags, until the right person slips into them. ;p

P.P.S.: I'm glad your nephew was able to keep those pants up this time!!!!! hahaha

violetmay said...

Hmmm...maybe next year? :P
My sister Joan is getting married this year! :D

Dr V
I couldn't agree more, they just came over for dinner tonight! :D