Saturday, April 24, 2010


No luck! I uninstalled several programs, but nothing changed! I'm giving up...should have take Kevin's advice, get a 300++GB external hard disk instead! :(
I'm upset, I have so much to share... I didn't have much time last month, but it seems that I now have "too much of time". GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
Today I noticed Sugar front teeth (lower part) were all gone! It must be her bad habit, she loves biting steel bar (of her crate), it's her hobby, she got too addicted... chewed on it when I wasn't aware. She still have lots of teeth, but...she's only 1+ year old, she lost 4-5 teeth up to date. I couldn't imagine next year, I hope she quit this habit soon.
I think she's grown up a lot, I mean mentally. She seems to understand my feelings. When I "lecture" her, she tilted her head, didn't dare to look at she knows she did something wrong. It's not like she didn't understand a thing previously, but but but...she really got me now :) She's my lappie

But RIGHT NOW I'm really pissed of her teeth and my lappie, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!



Dr V said...

I think I need to know more about your computer problem. One option you still have is to change the setting of virtual memory of your Lappie. It's not a lot of work, but hard to describe. For certain I wouldn't consider rebuilding your computer just yet, because that is a lot of work.

Too bad hearing about your poor Sugar's dental problem. She's too young to have false teeth. Really, no helpful suggestions with this behavior problem. :(

violetmay said...

Problem solved! :)))))))
It's just my original photos (over the past) is not deleted, I didn't know it's kept inside the the hard disk... ;)