Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eling and Andy's wedding day, Segamat - Part 2

Photos taken by photographer, I selected 76 shots to share.. :)

My beautiful sister.. :)

All Ji Muis


Andy and his heng dai

Game time :D

Do whatever you want :P



Andy's parents house in Segamat

Andy's aunts

After that, went to Andy's house in Segamat, it's around 15 minutes from his parents' house


Family portrait :D

Ji Muis

Heng Dais

I hope you enjoy the photos :)



Dr V said...

WOW...such a gorgeous wedding! Poor Andy had to work so hard for his beautiful bride. I hope Andy gets his revenge by leaving his dirty socks all around the house when guests come to visit. hahaha

And that little boy jumping on the bed is a STAR! haha It's not easy to stand-out at someone else's wedding, but that little boy found a way. ^_^

Thanks for all the wonderful photos of a very happy time for your families. Your sisters make the most beautiful brides.

violetmay said...

The little boy is my nephew, he's a big boy now! :'P

CathJ said...

lovely wedding...remind of mine.. ^_^

habis kena torture... ;-p

violetmay said...

Pictures of your wedding pleaseee, I wanna see :P