Monday, April 12, 2010

OCT East 深圳东部华侨城 Part 3

Aha! Now I remember 'that' OCT East :P
To be true...I thought my schedule wouldn't be that packed after March, but, I'm still busy with work -_-"
I managed to choose some photos from Shenzhen album..
41 pics, enjoy :)

Interlaken Market

Giant bird cage!

Haha, you wouldn't see too much photos of me, I HATED my the max, it was messy no matter how many times I combed it..ok, not like I comb every few minutes :P

Interlaken Town, remind me of Bukit Tinggi ;)

Location map (part of OCT East)

What cooc ca cuuuu stage?
Something like that la...there was this man on the stage, doing cuckoo thing :P

Ooops! A "hot" one :P

What the fcuk? I don't understand why I wore that piece of shit. I vent about it everytime I checked back the photo album :'((( only if I could turn back time, I would have chose a piece of table cloth instead!

We LOOKED like middle-age couple, huhuuu...I swear I'm not going to wear this piece of shit again, and I will find a hot macho bf, so we'll look HOT together (lalala I'm kidding!!)
Kevin's the BEST! :D
Speaking of which, maybe he's the one who needs a new gf :P

Love this bench!

cow cow cow cow!

Oop izzz, huge boobs she's got huh?
and no I'm not jealous!

That boy behind ruined this pic!

Deh, I just realized I have "quite a number" of pictures here, I thought I didn't take much piccies? Hmmm...

and I'm doing this jumping project again!

To be true, I think I'm quite good at it :P

and more stupid pics of me

playing with water, HAHAHA

Flower Clock and Church! :D


Alright, that's all for tonight, I'm going to ZzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Dr V said...

You and Kevin are lucky I wasn't there, because I would have embarrassed you so much. Maybe you THOUGHT you took some silly pictures jumping and playing in the water. But me...I would have pulled-out a brush and some soap, and it's bath time! Oh yeah, and I would have had toothpaste all over my face too. Public bath houses are so much fun!!!! hahaha

So, you weren't jealous of that cow's big boobs, huh? Well why do we have a photographic evidence of how you coudln't keep your hands off them? HUH? haha Okay, maybe you're trying to hide them or something, right? Still jealousy! haha

Not sure why you're so mad at your outfits. You always dress very nice. If you think you looked middle-age in your dress, well so many middle-age people would love to dress like you then.

That clock and those photos of the path to the clock are great! And I'd love to have a chicken that could fit inside that large cage. I'd either have lots of eggs, a big bird for a holiday feast, or a really loud alarm clock. ^_^

Thanks for sharing your photos V V!

CathJ said...

ohhh nice place!!!! love it.. :)