Sunday, May 2, 2010

Avillion Admiral Cove Hotel, Port Dickson


My lappie's problem is now solved :D
Do you know what...every time I delete my photos, I will empty my recycle bin as well, but I didn't know my photos are all automatically saved under "Original photos" as backup... this explain my missing 32.9GB. Hmmm it's over 15,000 photos ;) So I don't have to reformat my lappie! BUT!!! I uninstalled a lot of useful programs last I need to reinstall it. Sigh!

Now I shall continue my Port Dickson escapeeee :D
View from our room

So nice! :)

Not forgetting taking photos of myself

More later, haha :P

Our room number, 1818



Random pictures, all taken in Avillion Admiral Cove

I'm loving these photos, all credit goes to Kevin :D
It was a nice experience staying in this hotel, Kevin and I definitely going to spend another short weekend here :)

Loving it! ^^