Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary!

Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary to my Dad and Mum! :D

They don't usually celebrate wedding anniversary, let's make it the 1st year this year :)
When mum told me today is the day they got married many years ago, I thought we could/should do something this year as they've never celebrated anniversary before. Mum got a bit confused and asked me how many years since 1977, I told her it's already 33 years! Mum looked at me with too many question marks in her eyes,

"Are you sure?! 33 years already???"

"YES MUM!!!"

She wanted to find the calculator OMG why my mum is so cute?!?! :D

We hurried to the nearest shopping mall, had lunch in BBQ chicken (LOVES), still as yummy :D
LOL! Not hurried to the mall to buy present for my dad :P

I suggested a movie after dinner, mum didn't want...because she wanted to watch Astro's singing competition at night. She thought just a cake will do, so we bought a cake instead of my "not-so-big-plan". Dad has no clue about this special day. huh? :P
At night, 10:10pm :)

33 yearsssss :D

More happy shots! ^^

Cake cutting ceremony! :)

I want to thank my parents for bringing me to this wonderful world, they are the loveliest parents! :)



CathJ said...

Congrats to your parents.. they so loving!! ^_^

Dr V said...

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!! Wow...33 years. After all that time, and no one pushed a face into that delicious creamy cake. I couldn't resist...that's why I don't have a 33rd anniversary to celebrate. ^_*

Congratulations Mom and Dad! You created a beautifully loving family. Be proud!

violetmay said...

Thank you Cath and Dr V!! :D