Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day cum Dad's Lunar B'day! :D

How did you celebrate Mother's Day? I'm going to share mine :P

First of all...I realized I wore the same t-shirt (Milk gone bad) as my previous post (Labuan!), so please don't be surprised seeing me in pink again, it's not like I didn't shower for days...hehee!
We went to One Utama! :)
Picture of all the ladies, together with my granny :D
Ah yeah! It was my dad's Lunar Birthday, on the same day!
P/S: Michell's family couldn't make it, Michell was sick :(

We thought to have some sushi, wanted to choose Sushi Zanmai but hellllllll!!! Long queue! Went to Chili's instead, heckkkkkkkk!!! Full house, have to wait for at least 30 minutes (AT LEAST 30 mins?! We're starving..) So me suggested Vietnam Kitchen, quite a number of guests already waiting down the line, I went up to the host...asked

"Do you have table right now? Table for 9 pax..."

"Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! Miss V! I've been waiting for you! I've already reserve a table for you"
LOL!! Of course nope...that's what I imagined ;P
"Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! We have a last minute cancellation, it's a table for 9!" this was the REAL response I got :P
We got a table! I felt sorry for those who have to wait out there...nope, frankly I'm not that "sorry"
They have this Mother's Day special...

Now guess where the menu is?

Granny :)))

and I!



Joan and Eling

Andy and Weng

Grandpa and Joan

With my mum, mum's mum, and birthday boy :D

Vietnam Coffee, mum's fave ;)

Dad, showing off his Banana Sundae :P

1 dish
Phoenix Special Ham Roll

Seafood Fish Maw Thick Soup

Stuffed prawn with Passion Fruit Dressing

Prawn, which looks like..erm, bird?

Deep Fried Whole Fish with Fresh Pomelo

"Lovely" Pork with Sea Cucumber

It's Love Shape!! :D

Braised Chicken with Yam and Roasted Pork

Fresh Veggie with Braised Mushroom and Bean-curd

and...Dessert of Love, no piccie ;)

Group pic!

After an hour or so
The set menu was RM298++, beverages and others are not included, the total bill was RM400++. I would say it was reasonable priced, but only if the taste was as good as the look...I wouldn't say much. As long as my parents and grandparents are happy! It was our treat ;)

Last Picc, Eling and I, I missed her so much ;)
Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Birthday Daddy! :D

How's your Mother's Day? :)