Monday, May 17, 2010

OCT East 深圳东部华侨城 Part 4 -end-

Totally forgot about it, decided just to post it up,anyway...
Only photos, enjoy :)
50 pics

Interlaken Hotel
Nice...but I do feel they shouldn't painted it yellow(?) orange(??)

The couple :)

"Take Care, No Water Playing"

Shenzhen's "Bukit Tinggi"!

Random pics

Weee...Sweetheart Dessert

Kevin VS Red zebra bull

LOL I'm really quite good at it :P


Last station, Tea Stream Valley

RMB20 per person

Thousands of koi!! :D


Kevin and our tour guide

You won't believe it...10 minutes after this shot, thunderstorm... trapped in there for 2 hours, goddamned 2 hours. Next day only we realized it was like Typhoon 3?!
God bless, we're safe and sound. Overall, Kevin and I love OCT East, I would say it's one of the must visit spot in Shenzhen :)
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