Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've got a new camera ^^

My Ixus 40 is forever in my bag, I ALWAYS have camera with me wherever I go, it's my 1st camera, but not the last camera ;) Photos taken are still nice, but images are not as sharp as before, the old machine has got to be replaced...

I saw Fujifilm Instax mini 7s camera, instantly fell for it... I'm so wanted to make it mine (the white color one!!). It's about RM320, and a box of film costs RM28.90 (only 10 shots). My! RM2.90 for a shot? Pricey...

Anyway, Kevin and I went to camera shop, was about to get it..and then we saw this Canon PowerShot A495, only RM399 (?!)?? Needless to say, PowerShot is more practical! And I do think my little Ixus has done its part, it's time to keep it in my drawer, give it a know, like, it's time to retire :)

Last shot taken by my Ixus 40..somehow I feel kind of sad. I've been using it for approximately 5 years, 5 years..! I still love it so much :)

I'm not aiming at DSLR, because all I ever wanted is just a decent little one, produce good pictures..and could fit in my purse (most important thing of all) ;) And, I'm not really good at photography.

My 1st model
Hahahhaa, I'm loving this pic!
We're testing Face Self-Timer

2nd model...
Sugar Voon! :D
Still a baby baby

and of course, more erm...lame "self-portrait"..OKAY OKAY, camwhore

I'm extremely happy with the end results, it's a steal! ;D

Today, I went out with Annie :D
Didn't see her for quite some months..still as chatty :)
No wonder my throat is a little sore now! :P

Foods we ordered, recommended by her, nice!

Annie hates ice cubes (she's not penguin)
and I hate carrots (I'm not bunny!)

Annie and I :D

It was lovely to meet her, I should really spend more time with my pals, catching up the latest gossips news! :P