Monday, May 3, 2010

Labuan Island, 16-18 April

3 days in a post! ;)
It's supposed to be a "all man trip" organized by MCA youth, but Kevin brought me along, so...happy :D

Off to Labuan!

Labuan is 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur, quite far

Stayed in Beta service apartment, the environment was good, our apartment has got 3 rooms ;)
Kevin and I shared the master bedroom, another girl from our trip (hey I realized I wasn't the only girl in the trip, good huh?) took a room, and 2 more guys shared the 3rd room.

View from our balcony

Had our lunch nearby our place

After lunch, friends from Labuan brought us to Labuan Marine Museum

Group photo
without me :'(
Because I'm not a man..hahaa :P
Actually they asked me to join them, but I felt soooo embarrassing ;)

Another piccie, spot the girl in this photo? :P

Me :)

Beautiful view :)

After that, went to World War II Site, Labuan War Cemetery

Choo Earn and Kevin

After that, went to Sri Manikar...a very huge house (around 5.3 hectare) owned by Tan Sri Wong Chik Lim, he passed away 2 years ago..Puan Sri wasn't in Malaysia, but Labuan MCA chairman managed to get permission from her, and brought us to visit her house :)
Labuan is a very small island, smaller than Langkawi, everyone knows everyone, unlike in the city, we don't know who lives next door :(

You'll see a lot of frogs and tortoises in their house, it's about Feng Shui (?), I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me they have more that a million collections of frogs ;)

I LOVE this one :D

Cute, isn't it? ;)


With Tong Tong, another girl in the group :)

Spent around an hour there, and went to Japanese Surrender Park (Taman Damai Labuan)

That's all about Day 1, Day 2 Kevin and the rest have got meeting, I didn't join them...spent the whole day on bed, sleeping :P
In the evening, we went to duty-free shops, bought some duty-free stuff...thought to watch a show, but, their cinema is the size of shop lot, disappointing :( But actually living in Labuan isn't bad at all, it's very relaxing :)
Followed by Day 3, our flight was at the morning, after breakfast, rushed to the airport (only 5 minutes from our place)
Bye bye Labuan... :)

Going home

I missed mum and Sugar :D

What's so good about Labuan?

It's only RM4 for this one! :P



Dr V said...

Fun trip! But next time it's an "all man's trip" then you should at least try your best to LOOK LIKE a man! haha If you're not from Scotland, then you won't find men wearing skirts. Even that wall of frogs was wondering why "the woman" wasn't trying to look more masculine. hahaha

Looks like a beautiful place. It's a good thing you threatened Kevin with harsh punishment if he didn't take you along with him. ^_^

P.S.: I know there are men from cultures all over the world that wear wrap-around sarong-type garments, but only the Scots are willing to show their knees. And that's the rule...above the knees is a skirt! hahahaha

violetmay said...

Hehee, I'll just ask them to "ignore" me, or...there's always wigs :P