Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pretty mum mummah..

Huoy Shan is going to deliver a baby girl next month, Christine, Macy and I decided to pay her a know, to see her belly bella :P

Christine and Huoy Shan

with Macy, who's desperate to have her own baby!

and I


We're the same age, it's so cool seeing her becoming someone's mother in a month, totally unbelievable! Soon, you'll see a pretty baby girl in our group piccie :)
Went to Christine's friends (Chew) house for BBQ dinner afterwards
Meet Oscar! A Pekingese ;)

He's soooo tamed, even Christine feels alright to touch/pat him

Of course I'm more than happy to give Oscar some hugs and tiny kisses...

not until Christine and I saw this...
LOL!!! He's got huge d*ck :P

BBQ dinner

Meet Agnes :D
A very sweet lady with great vocal ;)

Chew and..erm (?) forgot his name


She's gonna kill me :P

Chew's house has got a very nice set of karaoke system, like Christine's house

They are all Alex (Christine's bf)'s elementary schoolmates, I'm thinking to organize a get together with my old pals, mmm...I kind of miss Siew Boon.. ;)