Wednesday, August 25, 2010

KK Sabah Day 2

It's the 2nd day in KK! :D

Kevin and I woke up quite early, went to Sunday market. We were told Sunday market opens at 4am, I was so excited I wanted to go there so badly..Kevin's meeting was at 10am, so we just thought to spend some time in the market before his meeting begins.

We walked for like, more than 20 minutes, didn't have a location map, but we asked several people and they assured it's walking distance. Anyway we shouldn't/couldn't spend too much time finding the place, we got in city bus instead...and reached Sunday market after 2 minutes ride. How embarrassing... no wonder the bus driver told us it's freaking near :P

Sabahans are very very very friendly, the moment we stepped in the bus, the whole world knew we're heading to Sunday market, so... after we got down from bus, a lady asked us to walk with her because she's going there too (just in case we couldn't find the way)
This is the lady :)
and I was wearing my Milk gone BAD shirt :P

After Yindee Lapidary scam in BKK, I'm very careful when dealing with strangers. I make sure I don't breath too hard (HAHA) in case they have some drugs in their mouth and if I smell it I might go dizzy and listen to all their words (HAHA X 2). Hey I've heard all sorts of nonsenses before, I have no idea if someone make it up. Anyway better be safe than sorry! ;)
When I saw this woman, I wasn't sure... she's all friendly and she didn't ask/say funny things. The fact is, she's genuinely friendly :))) Everything in Sabah is wonderful, I LOVE SABAH!!

So, this is the Sunday Market (wet market, part of Sunday market)
and I realised it wasn't the first time we went there, Kevin and I went to this market 3 years ago and I have no idea it's Sunday Market. Hilarious!!

Breakfast in the same Kopitiam 3 years ago, because I recognised this uncle and his Dim Sum!! :D

Day dreaming

Noodles we ordered

I don't have much photos here, please allow me to post more piccies of myself :P

Kevin off to his meeting after breakfast, I just hang around the market all by myself (just realised I didn't take any more photos). There are so many interesting stuff selling there, I thought I would buy one or two, but I didn't. I'm not a shopaholic after all :P

Received a call from Christine, I took "Free" bus to Philipino market to meet her and Alex. Bought some pearls and crystals bracelets, and went to nearest Kopitiam for lunch


Christine and I

and please allow me to show you the anklet Christine bought for me in Philipino market!!
It's for friendship :D

Thanks a lot dearie, I was thrilled! :D

2nd round of lunch nearby Philipino market

What are you?

Kevin's back from his meeting :)
In case you he didn't wear this to attend his meeting, he has spare shirt ;)

Kevin and I

Alex and Christine tiny little grapes

It's sticky, and must eat with chilies

It's the 1st time we tried these

Right, after that Christine and Alex went for dinner with Alex's relatives, Kevin and I went to Centrepoint (again). and we bought movie tickets (again). Just found out there's a sea view cafe next to cinema

On the phone with my friend

In fact, we bought 2 different show, The Sorcerer's Apprentice at 5:25pm

We watched Inception the week before we went to Sabah, and we watched 3 movies there. After we came back from KK, we realised we've already watched all the shows. and guess what? We watched Expendendables and Repo Men already. So life's kind of boring after we came back from Sabah. AHAHA (I'm just kidding).

Kevin and I often watch 2 or 3 shows every month, this month we're a little too much, maybe it's August? The month of love LOL :P

That's all for Day 2. Hope you liked the photos :)




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