Saturday, August 21, 2010

2nd round of celebration

Well it was a Friday, after work. We didn't spend too much time together so we went for a morning show the next morning. We watched...Repo Men. Interesting, but I don't like it..anyhow, I love the ending, maybe you should watch :P

We were still in "happy mood" a day after, didn't do much thing, we just watched a movie, went for lunch... that's all. Somehow we were really happy, we smiled the whole day, maybe 5 years really mean something (of course!) ;)

Had lunch in Sakae Sushi (again). We adore sushi! ^^
Kevin had 2 Miso soup!

and some other foods we ordered

Raw tuna...

Beef wrapped mushrooms

Garlic rice

Edamame, my fav
We had 2 plates of these

My fav fav :P

After that, we spent some time in bookshop, and Kevin got me 3 err....books for piano lessons. He's now officially my piano teacher. I seriously have no idea what to expect after giving him Chinese classes for 5 years and now my student became my teacher and I'm the student. Hmmm didn't I tell you I "teach" him Chinese? :P