Friday, August 20, 2010


Today is a big day!

Happy 5th Anniversary to Kevin and I :D

Five years already...five years. How many five years we have in our lives? 15? 20? Hmmm... ;) If we made baby the 1st day we date, our baby is already 5 years old HAHAHA (not that we made out that fast) :P

I didn't knit anything for Kevin for a long time, I knew I just have to do it this time, but let's guess what Kevin got me this time?

Guess what I've been wanting for so many years?
A keyboard! I've never told Kevin about it until recent month :)

It was a surprise, Kevin didn't tell me anything about it until last week, when I forced him with table knife :P

I'm so so so so soooooooooooo happy :D

You know, it's like a dream comes true

Yum yumm..

The only thing is...I don't play piano -_-"
I've been wanting to learn piano my whole life since I was little, but I have a big family, and there's no place to put piano at home. Somehow, I just gave up. Mum suggested to get me a keyboard instead, but I didn't want it every time she mentioned it. I didn't want to waste her money, I thought I'm not going to play any instruments.

Recent month, I told Kevin about it, for the 1st time in our 5-year relationship. He encouraged me to learn piano, but I thought I'm too old for that. FYI, Kevin plays very well in guitar, and he plays piano too :) Now that he got me a portable keyboard, and he's teaching me!! How silly of me..I've never thought of that

Just, I'm not sure if he's a good teacher HAHAHA

Ooh yeah! This is the vest I knitted for him :D
Just a simple pattern, didn't have much time for my "hobby"

and I got him a watch :)

Pictures of us

After that, we went for a dinner in Tony Roma's


We ate everything except this..
Kevin dropped it on the table, I didn't allow him to eat and...he insisted I must take photo of him with this broccoli -_-"

Happy 5th anniversary!
Looking forward to our 6th anniversary :P



Dr V said...

First of all, HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY!!!! That's definitely impressive, because I know a lot of couples who spent that much time at war with each other. Seeing the smiles and obvious happiness shows your relationship is one to be treasured. Congratulations to both of you, and here's to looking forward to your 5th wedding anniversary. ^_^

Once again, very well done Kevin! Gifts are not only surprises that one gets for another, but they should also be inspirational. I can see many opportunities to spend time together learning to play piano. As for the family, I can see many sleepless nights learning to live with V V who is learning to play the piano. haha

Seriously, if you want to have a way to stimulate your brain like no other workout, then learning music is the way. Not only is music a new language to learn, but it also recruits all areas of the brain to participate in the activity. Want to remember your name in your later years? Then keep studying the wide variety of musical instruments, and that will be a giant step forward. Good luck!

debb13 said...

happy 5th to you and kevinnnn!


violetmay said...

Dr V
Thank you Dr V :D
Now I'm learning...quite tough! My fingers have their own brains -_-"

Thank you Deb!!! I'll see you soon :D