Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Babies' Concert!

Went to babies concert yesterday :D

Babies => referring to toddlers
Babies concert => concert for babies/ babies performing on stage

It was Hue Ru and Kong Chai's concert!
I'm not going into details which school my baby niece and nephew are attending, just some photos I snapped that night :)

See all the babies on the stage (alright it's not just Hue Ru and Kong Chai :P)
We didn't walk up to take more photos, well in case one of the babies cries.... you imagine :P We're not too worried as the committee has already hired photographer and video-man :)

Show ended at 9 plus, some photos before we left the hall

Happy family

Baby Hue Ru :D

Good thing! She can wear this to attend Cirphy's wedding in 2 weeks time!

Gangsta Kong Chai
LOL! I love his hairdo
He kept saying "Jie Jie (Hue Ru) eyes are blue color!!"

Dad and Kong

Mum and Hue Ru

and me
Look at him! Priceless... ;))
Reminded me of Dragon Ball Z

with my favourite girl ;)
I looked tired, it was a rainy day.. we have to rush there after work, thus the tired look ;)

With the principal of the school

Bravo to all of the teachers who managed to make 3 years old babies dance on stage without screaming for mum and dad. I was genuinely surprised seeing Kong Chai dancing, shaking his booty on the stage, for Hue Ru...not really surprised because I already knew her dancing steps and I even recorded it :P

I'm going to their concert again next year! :D



CathJ said...

so cute.. it's not an easy job to teach a toddlers to dance.. ^_^

violetmay said...

Yeah, they have been practicing for months. Great effort huh? ;)