Tuesday, August 24, 2010

KK Sabah Day 1

Breakfast in Marrybrown

Met my friend Christine at the airport, and no! We didn't just meet each other, in fact we were flying on the same plane to the same destination! What a coincidence huh? :D
(lol actually we planned it)
They were attending Alex (her boyfriend)'s relatives wedding on the same day :)

Reached after 2 and a half hours.
The thing is, Christine and her bf bought flight tickets much earlier, and they booked hotel long ago, Kevin and I just decided to tag along as Kevin was attending a meeting in KK the same day. So the fact is, we didn't book any rooms, we thought we could easily get a room in the same hotel. Once we landed and I called the hotel, found out no rooms left! Called several hotels, all fully booked (what the?!) Saw this Kinabalu Borneo Hotel in the travel map, called and we got a room, 3rd floor with no lift. Take it or leave it, we might end up sleeping on the street, or in guest house where I preferably not too, I don't share bathroom with strangers!

We checked in (actually it's a budget hotel), and I did notice the staircases are "bigger" than the usual one...which I was too lazy to take pictures
Our luggage (just one) is about 13.5kg, holy shit...we dragged the thing to 3rd floor, opened the hotel room and "TANG"! It's small... and the bathroom was... OKAY! At least it's clean, but seriously I think they shouldn't charge more than RM80 for this type of room. Slept for a few hours, got up late noon and walked around town.

In case you're interested...click here for my previous KK Sabah trip, err...which was 3 years ago. I was much sweeter and younger, LOL!

*me...suddenly feel old*

Random pictures

Went to bazaar

We had our lunch there

Watched a show in Centrepoint Shopping mall
I thought 1 ticket is RM15 (for couple seats), I told the boy at the cashier we could get it at the price of RM12 in KL. He was surprised...and so I told him watching movie in KL is cheaper. I took a day to realised that RM15 couple seat is for COUPLES, which means we (2 persons) only need to pay RM15, not RM30. How silly! I hope that boy would check the price properly if he ever comes to KL for a show.. actually I hope he forgot what I told him :S

Had sundae in McD while watching for the show, I was sleepy..

Some key-chains we bought at the Philipino market
Did I tell you we went to Philipino market earlier? Hehee..you'll see what I bought next time, like, really next time :P

Stayed up late for supper
Sleepy Kevin

We had chicken wings for supper... yum yum!
Didn't do much thing the 1st day, that's all the photos I've got for Day 1, more tomorrow :)