Monday, August 2, 2010

Sugar may has a new friend

I said, "May"

Because, I'm not sure if Sugar could get along with Fluffy; or if Fluffy could get along with Sugar

Meet Fluffy, my bestie's furbaby!
It's a Shih-tzu ;))

At the vet office today :)
See that cat? I swear it's the largest cat I've ever seen! The vet has got 3 (THREE) large cats ;)

Fluffy is Christine's 1st pet, it's given by her bf's friend (Yay! say no to petshop's pets). She's only 2 + months old, weight 1.3kg. So tiny and sweet :) Well I have to do what best friend has to do, like accompany her to vet office, visit petshop to buy stuff etc.. Well I actually enjoyed doing it, visiting petshop is always my favourite thing, I just love to buy Sugar new stuff ;)

Fluffy is a bit aggressive, but she's still a sweetheart, just like Sugar...big dog in a small package :S
Anyway I really hope they would become best friends :D
Here are some recent photos of Sugar, just bathed

Well baby Sugar, let's hope you and Fluffy can be good friends!



Dr V said...

Looks like that big cat is looking for a "Fluffy" snack! Now you know why the "furrbaby eating" cats were dtropped at the vet's office. haha

If you really want Sugar and Fluffy to get along, then you should get them involved in team activities. Dogs are social animals, so if they are working together, like going for a walk on a leash, then they will feel like they belong to the same dog pack. They don't have to see each other everyday to believe they're on the same team. Just get them in a routine of doing something together as soon as they see each other, and they will expect that activity everytime they see each other. Give it a try. If it doesn't work, then just file a lawsuit against me. :p