Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lahad Datu, Sabah

Day 3 in Sabah, we're going to Lahad Datu which is about 6-7 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu. Reached North Bus Terminal (a.k.a. Inanam) early in the morning, had breakfast in Kedai Kopitiam Melanian (金沙园) for pork noodles, it's famous (?), they only sell pork things.

It's just, too plain..

The loving couple, hehee!
They should've exchanged seats :P

Our tickets to Lahad Datu by Manis Express
We only paid RM45 for 1 pax ;)

We saw the coach we're about to get on, Kevin burst into laughter

Well in case you don't get it...
*Hint hint*
...still don't get it??
Okay...mani is semen in Malay

Beautiful scenery along the way to Lahad Datu..

What it feels like living there? :)
Maybe we should spend a week or two there

Opps, slowed down a bit because of the road construction

No luck on getting down to get fruits :(

I'm jealous!!
Why can't I shop too?

Reached before sunset, after checked in, went around to get foods

Beer = Alex's favourita ;)

Dinner time

Mad spicy = total madness... love

After dinner, spent another hour or so resting on bed, after that met Alex's friend and had supper in a mamak
We had fried banana/cempedak/ubi
Didn't I tell you Alex's been there few years ago? :)

A photo in front of the hotel we stayed, Grace Hotel...clean, and affordable ;)
You'll see our family suite room tomorrow, hee!

Last but not least..

You know..Christine and I did some shopping at the Philipino market :P
So anyone interested in getting one of these?
NOOOOO!! We're not selling them, off off off with your fingers!